Felix The Reaper


3D Shadow Puzzle Adventure of Death






Kong Orange

Based in Aarhus, Denmark

Founding date:

October 10th, 2011


Daedalic Entertainment

Based in Hamburg, Germany


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Esben Kjær Ravn - producer: +45 51 64 28 40

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Felix The Reaper - A Romantic Comedy Game About The Life of Death

This is a 3D shadow manipulation puzzle adventure about making people die. Felix moves in the shadows. From here he manipulates the events in human lifes. He does so according to the Plans of Death issued by The Ministry of Death. All this because he thinks it will bring him to meet Betty The Maiden, with whom he has fallen in love.

Since Felix only moves in the shadows, he needs to manipulate the shadows to get around. Luckily reapers like Felix are able to turn the sun and move shadowing objects around. This enables him to create the necessary shadow paths to get around. He does so to solve the adventure plots, that makes people die according to the ministerial plans.

It all happens in the frozen split seconds, where destiny falls into place for a human being. As Felix completes a level, time unfreezes and you see, what happens as a result of your manipulations in the level. Level by level you set up a death and executes it. Then on to the next series, that leads to a new death.

You create a lethal hunting accident, a drowning and three other deaths as you play your way through this first instalment of Felix The Reaper. Betty, though, is not easy to track, but who knows, maybe your hard ministerial work will pay off.

In Felix The Reaper you play your way through five deaths spread over 20+ story levels. Each level unlocks a hardcore version of itself for the striving ministerial achiever. You can also collect skull achievements, that further unlocks bonus time trials for the extremely resourceful ministerial employee. Play time is four to six hours for the story levels and you should at least double that, if you hunt achievements and solve hardcore and bonus levels too.

We work with professional dancers to create the moves of Felix The Reaper, so far nine music artists have created new dance music for the mix tape on Felix’s walkman and the whole universe is excavated from the magic and magnificence of the human art history of Death working with professional historical scholars.


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